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      ChangZhou WUYUE Textile Accessories Co., LTD. is a enterprise specializing in the production of jet, gripper, rapier etc. shuttleless looms accessories and all kinds of air jet loom fitting. Company main camp service are as follows: 1. Specialized production Air-jet loom reed, Gripper reed, Rapier reed. 2. All kinds of import, domestically produced fitting for TOYOTA, TSUDAKOMA, PICANOL, DORNLER etc. Air-jet loom. 3. Flat steel healds, Droppers, Alum-alloy headle frames etc. textile accessories. 4. Specialized repair reed etc. accessories & fitting of shuttleless looms. 5. Hiring Air-jet reed.
      Our company have newest level for profile reeds and automation weaves reeds production line. Has used advanced air flow measuring and Repairs the equipment. The product conforms to the profession standard. It can be Satisfied with TOYOTA, TSUDAKOMA, PICANOL, DORNLER etc. type Air-jet loom.
       "TONGFENG" textile accessories faithfully serves the textile profession. Will be willing altogether to create the glorious future with various textile enterprise!

Add:Diaozhuang Middle Village Industrial Park,Changzhou,Jiangsu,China
Tel:0086-519-88808575 88802826 88808925 Fax:0086-519-86576823
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